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UK Breaking News for all your TV/Radio service news requirements outside Britain. We’re a British news agency, our service includes reporter voice tracks from 30 second news reports with station sign off tags, to features and live Q&As. Reports on anything that's making news in the UK. Call us for your news requirements on all British breaking news events going on, from hard news & current affairs to pop culture, the Royal family, political issues, fashion, arts, finance and subjects quintessentially unique to Britain. We custom produce content for all news requirements and more. You name it, our agency will cover it for your station.

UK Broadcast News is not a free service, contact for quote for what you need – just pay as you go. Our reporters become your reporters/stringers, providing your station with voiced news inserts featuring your station name in sign off tag. This means your station has a news presence in the UK. We can arrange guests for programmes as well. Our journalists are experienced and from solid British news backgrounds. Our unique service is popular with stations where the program host wants to chat with a UK based reporter as in a Q&A format.

As an established British News Agency service, we provide full action news reports on all major UK stories for TV & radio on demand. We provide accurate news, information and comment on all hard news events and current affairs occurring in the United Kingdom. We provide on the spot eyewitness reports, Q&A's together with full packages featuring actuality and interviews. Comment and summaries on all current and future events from the UK.

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